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LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes (a diode is a device that only allow as electricity to flow through it in one direction, which is why LEDs have a positive (+) side and have a negative (-) side are silicon wafers that emit photons (light) when an electrical current passes through it. The most common uses of LEDs are in consumer electronics and other equipment as indicator lights (the green or red “power on” lights on a VCR or computer monitor)

Only with the recent introduction of HB (High-Brightness) LEDs and HF (High-Flux) LEDs have LEDs been considered a “useable light source” for flashlights, accent lighting, sinage, general-illumination and other indoor and outdoor applications.

The most significant distinction between traditional lighting devices (an incandescent light bulb, floruesent tube, neon fixture, etc,) and LEDs is that contains no fragile filament or glass tube, making it an extremely durable and reliable light source that can be used in ways never possible.

Technical advances have dramatically improved the reliability and the performance of the LEDs since they were invented in the 1960’s. The lifetime for the new generation of LEDs is around 50.000-100.000 hours of use, or 30 to 40 years of normal operation. Because they are a semiconductor device, they are also very rugged and are not subject to fail when dropped or vibrated, as do incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LEDs Low Environmental Impact

Reduced carbon footprint that contains no environmentally-harmful elements. Unlike CFL,LED contains no lead and mercury which eliminates special handling and disposal requirements from landfill and water to the benefit of all. LED uses not fragile filaments, no poisonous mercury, no high pressure gases, and is totally recyclable.

LED Technology Delivers Energy Savings Through Super Efficiency UP to 80% less Energy Consumption=less impact on Global warming.LED is solid-state technology and does not rely on outdated “inefficient” technologies to create illumination

LED Efficiency Saves Money

Energy Saved is money earned for the consumer in the form of reduced electric bills. ROI for the consumer begains from the moment they switch on the LED product and is rapidly realised.

Traditional Bulb Replacement

LEDS are available in a wide varity of standard products engineered for direct replacement and retrofit. As easy to install as traditional bulbs that LED replaces.

LEDS Ultra Long-Life

LED Lifetimes are typically rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours which depending on the application and usage can last up to 20 years.

LEDs are Safe, cool to the touch

Rugged, unbreakable all-water/water resistant solid state components. LEDs produce no UV and no IR and operate cool to the touch thus reduces AC cooling and handling costs.

LED Lighting Quality

The Flexibility of LED light in application, utility, and available color temperatures and full spectrum light enables the broadest range of applications and commercial markets. LED bulbs turn on instantly and are available in dimmable and non-dimmable configurations. CFL falls short in that typically there are start delays, warm up times, and are not dimmable.

Incandescent bulb Government Ban

Governments globally are banning the incandescent bulbs and most bans are taking effect now and over the next two years. Governments support LED lighting as an alternative to high energy consumption which is evident in the current Economic stimulus package which includes LED as a featured technology for energy independence.

LEDs are used in applications where long life and relaibility is required.Many have been illuminated for 25 years and continue to function. Because LED use much less current than other light sources and run on low voltage DC, they are naturally suited for many battery powered applications. In very cold temperatures, LEDs turn on instantly while some fluorescents would fail to light. LEDs also generate smaller amounts of their incandescent (filament) counter parts.

HIGH BRIGHTNESS LEDS: A LED is compared semiconductor device that converts electricity to light by the passage of electric charges through a duly treated silicium junction - Led is therefore a diode that certain tension of about 3,5V starts emitting light - The emitted light is really pure (monochromattic) and the color depends on the type of impurities which are purposely put in the silicium - The white light emitted by the high brightness LEDs of our product range is the result of an initial blue light transformed by a phosphor layer, thus emitting the white light.

Driver for high brightness LEDs: High Brightness LEDs work in constant current and therefore the tension on the current in the circuit with the greatest precision - A too high current destroys the LEDs in few seconds while a too low current decreases drastically its light efficiency - All th LED drivers in this catalogue respect the max. current values implied by the LED manufacturer, thus granting a long life duration of the LED applications - In order to grant a constant current, all LEDs must be connected in series - An eventual parallel connection commonly used for the halogen lamps destroys the LEDs in a short time - The installation instructions explain how to connect the High Brightness LEDS correctly - should the installation be carried out be a unqualified person, we advice to use our pre-assemblied series cabling specially made for kits.

LIFE DURATION : One of the advantages of power Leds is their life duration. They are semiconductors and therefore have an almost endless life duration; Actually for the fabrication of these components some chemical materials that with time loose their effeciency are being used. As illustrated in the drawing, around the silicon chip is placed a smooth silicon gelatin which allows the passage of light and protects the chip from breakages caused by the different thermal expansions of the optic and by the heat-sink slug. with time, this gelatin tends to get opaque thus reducing the luminous efficiency. As the hours go by, the plastic optic tends to get yellow, thus changing the shade of light. The internal reflector oxidizes and reflect less.

All these processes develop over very long time periods, estimable in 100.000 working hours at the advised ambient temerature. Heat has the property of fastening these processes and in combination with the thermal cycles of on/off switchings, they lead t a practical life duration of about half of the beginning value. With the life duration of a led is meant the process of the luminous flux.
This reduction indicates that a led should be replaced when its luminous flux is equal to only50% of its initial value. Having logarithmic perception, this reduction of the luminous flux is less visible when measured with the eyes than when measured with an instrument.

The life duration of a led is module is thus of about 50.000 hours at the maximum allowed working temperature. This value is indicated in every catalogue with ta.... When working in more favourable circumstances than the maximum allowed, the life duration will be higher. When working above the maximum allowed limits, the luminous flux will decline rapidly. The life duration of a power led is schematized in graphic no.1 the indicated areas specify the various possibilities of installation.

The life duration of High Brightness Leds depends on two key factors: the working temperature and current.

The use of drivers assures that the current always remains within the estimated limits granting an excellent working temperature. The modest heat emitted by the LEDs is dissipated by a special alluminium board on which the diodes are soldered - A situation of overworking or a lack of air circulation will not permit a natural dissipation of heat possibly leading to a dangerous rise of the temperature - High Brightness LEDs have a relatively low temperature limit of 85..100º measured on the diode: High Brightness LEDs must therefore be installed in created rooms, far from heat sources.

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