Hybec Lighting Specialists provide stylish and functional solutions to the interior design and architect community for retail, restaurants, Offices, hospitality, high end residential, landscape lighting, schools and institutions.

We have setup outlets in Mumbai exclusively for the interior design and architect community and plan to expand the same to other cities in India in the near future.

Lighting is an arena where we bring form and function together. We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers to achieve a concept that compliments the design. We also strive to work closely with the installer to ensure a clean and satisfactory installation.

As energy demands increase, we believe that LED's are the future of lighting. Hybec offers an extensive and diverse collection of architectural light fixtures that operate on the LED light source. We can offer an lighting solution from the track on your ceiling to the landscape at your door. We can help you fit lighting into almost any aspect of any type of project and take pride in our ability to do so within a budget.

Send us an Enquiry with any of your questions and we'll be glad to answer them and discuss how we can make your project a success.