The technological advances in the development of LED light bulbs have been
fast and furious, with manufacturers competing to design LED bulbs suitable
for every application in the home.

Hybec lights in association with the architects have been used by renowned personalities that truly value quality and style such Mr Karan Johar ( Film Producer ), Mr Hrithik Roshan ( Film Actor ) and many more.

The Project Images displayed here is the home of a VIP that Hybec had the pleasure of serving not only with the supply of Hybec Lights but also value
added with Lighting consultancy for their home. This home also featured in
a leading Interior Design Magazine in India.


LED is the clear choice for energy efficient and architecturally pleasing light for commercial establishments. Using a low-voltage power distribution system
with LED lighting makes it more energy efficient, simpler and faster to install,
and easier to control.


Corporate lighting and fittings has been the niche of Hybec lights. We have an
in-house Lighting design consultant that can engage early in the project to
design efficient solutions to help improve the comfort, safety and security of
your enterprise.


Hybec offers high-quality and energy efficient lighting fixtures and solutions for designers and facilities to create flexible and welcoming spaces for your guests and clients.

Special Project

Special Projects division is involved in carrying out complete Project lighting, Illumination of monuments using computer controlled and colour changer lighting systems, fibre optics lighting etc.